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In 1984 the song “Do they know it’s Christmas” was released by Band Aid. It was produced by Bob Geldof, and it’s about people in Ethopia dying from hunger. It helped a lot to raise money for this issue. That’s fantastic!

But the song’s lyrics are disastrous. They are full of stereotypes and over generalizations. That’s why I think the song is the worst Christmas song ever. Let’s analysee the lyrics:

It start’s with the title “Do they know it’s Christmas?”. Of course they do! Over 60% of Ethopians are Christians, and even a bigger portion in Africa is. People down there (from my home in Germany) are neither dumb nor uncivilised! They are as intelligent as you and me and know, what time of the year it is!

While the song is absolutely right describing “our world of plenty”, it’s understating the world of those who live in Africa. No, it’s not “a world of fear, where the only water flowing is the bitter string of tears”. Africa is a whole continent. There are over 64 countries in Africa. And in many, water is flowing constantly. And of course, some will have snow this year – like every year. And yes, there are African countries which don’t sink in tears. There are many countries in which more than “nothing ever grows”.

Yes, we sometimes need to “feed the world”. Sometimes, people are in need, and then, we need to help them.

But: We do not have to “let them know it’s Christmas time”. They know. They are people like you and me. They are intelligent, they are civilised. You should get into contact with them. But then, you should know which country they are from and maybe which tribe they belong to. Handle them with as much respect as you would like to get from others!

This song doesn’t do this. That’s why I think it’s the worst Christmas song of all time! That’s why Band Aid shouldn’t take this song as a yearly Christmas song anymore. There should be better songs now. Look at “We are the World”. Michael and Lionel did it right by saying “that a change could only come when we stand together as one!”. This means people from the western world and whatever country standing together as one!

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